Woohoo!  Welcome to the Scooter Family!!!!!

Let’s get started on the next steps! 🙂

1. Fill out the customer information form here: https://NS4L.info – This provides us with everything we need to start getting your paperwork together!

2. Choose any accessories, maintenance packages, extended warranties, and the rest of your swag at https://scootswag.com! (Feel free to forward this link to parents if you want them to help with choosing maintenance packages, etc.!)

3. Once that’s done, send an email to sales@NS4L.com with a picture of your driver’s license!

That’s it for now! We will be in touch soon to confirm all the details, send over your final invoice for the balance, and get your paperwork going for your new scooter! Woo hoo!!!!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us at sales@NS4L.com!

Welcome to our scooter family!!!