New Scooters 4 Less [NS4L] offers a wide range of services to Gainesville Scooter owners.

Having trouble with a motor scooter? Do you have general questions on the parts, service, and maintenance of your motor scooter? Is your scooter in for repair and you want to check on the status? Feel free to contact our service department at service@ns4l.com. They will reply back to you as soon as possible.

No appointment is necessary if you are planning on dropping your scooter off and leaving it with our service department. Just come by during normal business hours!

Need a pick-up?


Even though we sell and ship products all over the country, these particular services are limited to Gainesville and other residents of our North Central Florida area…

Gainesville Scooter Repair

1. Labor: $120/hr for NS4L Scooters.   $140/hr for all NON-NS4L Scooters.

    • When you buy an NS4L scooter and have that NS4L decal on the side of your scooter, you are now family! For this reason, all NS4L scooter customers receive a discounted labor rate!
    • We stock over $50,000 in parts! In order to be as efficient as possible, we feel it is important to be able to get scooters repaired and back on the road quick. Stocking tons of parts is one way we accomplish just that!
    • We have experience! We have been in the service industry for nearly 20 years and hire qualified, passionate individuals to join our team! When your scooter is in for service, not only will it be worked on by quality technicians, it will be checked out by our tiers of management through the service stages. Service management must sign off on the work performed on the scooter before the customer is informed of his/her scooter’s completion.

2. Customer Loyalty and Rewards

  • We at New Scooters 4 Less [NS4L] understand that we would not be where we are today if it weren’t for our customers. It is a priority for us to take care of the people that take care of us and contribute to the growth and success of New Scooters 4 Less [NS4L]. This is the main reason we offer these key value adds like free pick-up and free delivery on service, discounted labor rate, and the ability to pass these services on to the person you eventually sell your scooter to when you graduate from school!

3. Competitor’s Rates and Coupons

  • It is our goal to provide the very best, not only in customer service, but also with our mechanical services. We work hard to ensure that we are providing the best labor rates, pick-up / drop-off rates, and standard service rates for all scooter services. In addition to our very competitive rates and services, we will also honor any competitor’s coupons that may be printed in any Gainesville magazines and newspapers.

4.  STATS – Scooter Timeline and Tracking Service (now Dealer Service Pro!)

  • At New Scooters 4 Less [NS4L], our vision is to be among the elite scooter dealerships known worldwide. We continuously brainstorm innovative ideas and then execute on them to transform those ideas into reality. Our vision is to create the ultimate customer experience. STATS, our Scooter Timeline and Tracking Service (also known as Dealer Service Pro), is the next step toward that vision. With STATS, you can track your scooter repair from start to finish, approve estimates online, receive email notifications relating to the status of your scooter repair, and more. STATS is just another reason why New Scooters 4 Less’ repair service cannot be matched by any other dealership! Scooter in for repair? Track your scooter repair on STATS – Scooter Timeline and Tracking Service Today!

5.  Pick ups: FREE Local Pick-Up for NS4L New Scooter Purchasers! $25 Pick-Up for Service Customers.

    • Whether you have a flat tire or you are simply having a mechanical problem and need us to pick up your motor scooter,just give us a call. We will come to your Gainesville residence and pick it up! If you purchased your scooter new at NS4L, we will pick it up FREE OF CHARGE! If you bought your scooter somewhere else, but get it serviced with us, the pick-up fee is only $25.  We pick up scooters all across Gainesville on a DAILY basis! Why can we offer such a quick service? New Scooters 4 Less is close to campus and we understand that the quicker we pick up your scooter and get it serviced for you, the quicker you can start riding again! Visit our pick-up request form at fixmyscoot.com to have your scooter picked up! Yes – we also pick up ALL scooter sizes!
    • If you are a North Central Florida resident, but not located within Gainesville, we can still offer towing options for you.  Just give us a call and we will be able to see what we can work out for you.
    • Would you like your scooter delivered after the repair is complete?  It is only $25 to have it delivered back to you!