1. Trades

Are you interested in upgrading to a larger scooter? Tired of your old scooter and just looking for something newer? Then come on by New Scooters 4 Less with your scooter and let us check it out. While you are browsing our showroom, we can have a mechanic check out your scooter and evaluate it and let you know approximately how much we can offer you on a trade.

2. Buy Backs

Are you graduating or need to sell your scooter quickly? Bring it to New Scooters 4 Less and let us take a look at it. We can evaluate it and let you know what we can offer you for your scooter. This way you don’t have to worry about selling your scooter and you can get cash quickly!

Does your scooter originally have to be purchased from New Scooters 4 Less? Of course we prefer that it was, but no… if you purchased your scooter elsewhere, we will still look at it and consider purchasing it depending on model, quality, and other similar factors.

Other Notes: We do not guarantee that we will give anything for a trade or buy back on your scooter. Amount (if anything) depends on several factors such as:

1. Original Base Purchase Price (excluding tax/tag/title charges)
2. Year
3. Condition & Mileage
4. Brand & Model
5. Our Evaluation
6. You must have the Title for your scooter

Prior to bringing your scooter in for evaluation, we would appreciate it if you email a picture of your scooter and as much of the information listed above to sales@ns4l.com. Thank you!