Sell your scooter in 3 easy steps!  Are you graduating or need to sell your scooter quickly? Start the process now! We can evaluate it and let you know what we can offer you for your scooter. This way you don’t have to worry about selling your scooter and you can get cash quickly!

  1. Email Sales@NS4L.com or text (352) 336-1271 with pictures of each side of your scooter and a picture of the odometer.  Also, let us know if your scooter has any current service / repair needs.
  2. We will be in touch with an estimated buyback range and to schedule a buyback appointment.
  3. Bring your scooter in at your scheduled appointment time and complete the transaction in about 5 – 10 minutes!

Does your scooter originally have to be purchased from New Scooters 4 Less? Of course, we prefer that it was, but no… if you purchased your scooter elsewhere, we will still look at it and consider purchasing it depending on model, quality, and other similar factors.

The buyback amount will depend on several factors such as:

1. Original Base Purchase Price (excluding tax/tag/title charges)
2. Year
3. Condition & Mileage
4. Brand & Model
5. Our Evaluation
6. You must have the Title for your scooter (if you bought it from New Scooters 4 Less, it’s likely an electronic title and you WILL NOT have to get a paper title if you sell it back to us).

Buyback quotes are only good for 7 days and the buyback price will always be finalized the day you bring your scooter in to sell it. Here’s why…

  1. Our inventory needs could shift between the time we give you the quote and the time you are ready to sell. If we have ten used scooters exactly like yours, we may not need any others a few weeks from now. 
  2. We have a limited budget. As a small business, we have to reserve capital for operations, so we set aside a specific budget for buybacks, once that buyback budget is gone, it’s gone. The sooner you can bring your scooter in the better!
  3. The mileage and condition of the vehicle could easily change between the time we give you a buyback quote and the day you are ready to let your scooter go. 

READY TO SELL? The process is EASY! We will set an appointment with you (contact sales@NS4L.com). Then, you come in for your appointment with your scooter and we will complete the transaction with you in person. It usually takes 5 – 10 minutes and we can write you a check or pay you via Venmo!

What do you need when you come in for your buyback appointment?

  1. You need to have an appointment. We will set this with you once you complete the initial steps above!
  2. Scooter, primary key, and the spare key if you have one.
  3. Your Driver’s License
  4. Scooter Registration (should be in your scooter seat) 
  5. Scooter Title. If you bought your scooter from us, it’s probably electronic and you can LEAVE IT electronic. We can transfer it without you having to get a physical paper title. If you are unsure whether or not your title is electronic, email sales@NS4L.com with your VIN Number and we can check for you!  If your title is a paper title, it will look like this and you will need to bring it with you.
  6. Please enter through the service department when you come to the dealership for your buyback appointment.

Title Example: