Recently at NS4L, we have started an internal shadowing program. A schedule was created which pairs each of us with a co-worker that has a different position than our usual one. On our shadowing days we are encouraged to actively partake in the work experience and “get our hands dirty.” I have only shadowed the Front of House (FOH), but as a driver this experience was something completely new. I have had many “shadowers” and found that it is a great way to learn a little bit more about my co-workers while also showing them a day in the life.

My hired position as a driver requires me to interact with the FOH the most on a day-to-day basis. Any information that is recorded by the FOH when they schedule a scooter pick-up is printed onto paper and is handed over to me so that I can pick them up in the mornings. Prior to my shadow day I had only a minimal understanding of the process of answering the phones and dealing with the customers directly. I will admit that I am usually on their case about something that is unclear or that I don’t understand so I was curious to see how I would do in their shoes.


It took me a good part of the day to remember the right procedure for each problem or person in need, but by the afternoon I felt a little more comfortable with the position. I understood the processes and realized that the FOH doesn’t actually just sit around on Facebook all day (despite the rumors that were going around in the Back of House.) Furthermore, I started to learn a little more about my co-workers too! We shared plenty of laughs that day and learned plenty more about each on a more personal level.

Although I have only one shadowing experience in a different position, I have had all FOH members shadow me at least once during my morning pickups. This is where I have gotten the most out of this shadowing program. Fortunately, the driving position is pretty straightforward so there is not an overwhelming amount to teach. Of course I would show them my responsibilities and give them a chance to be in the shoes of a driver, but eventually we would go off on a tangent and have some really great conversations. Again I found myself learning more about my co-workers.

Each shadowing experience gave me an opportunity to bond with a new team member and for each of us to provide some useful input and ideas about our positions and processes to each other. I was curious to learn about different positions and indeed I did. But my biggest take away from the NS4L shadowing program has been learning more about each personality that maintains the different positions around the shop.


Gator100 2015 Honoree

Last Friday, February 6, NS4L was honored at the inaugural Gator100, which recognizes the 100 fastest-growing companies in the nation that are owned or led by University of Florida alumni.

NS4L Gator100 placecard

Sponsored by UF, the Warrington College of Business Administration, and the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the Gator100 uses strict criteria for establishing the list of honorees. To be considered for raking (in addition to keeping up with the values and image of the University of Florida), Gator-led companies must have been in business for at least 5 years and have minimum annual revenues of $100,000. Ernst & Young calculated each company’s compounded annual growth rate over the past three years to generate the ranking.

Collin Gator100 Trophy

Needless to say, this was a huge honor for Collin, as he was ranked among some of the most successful alumni UF has ever produced.

“The Gator100 is an important initiative that recognizes entrepreneurial excellence,” said Dr. Michael Morris, the Academic Director of the entrepreneurship program at UF. “It is open to any and all companies founded or run by Gator alumni, and recognizes those who are achieving growth, innovating, and making a difference in their communities.”

Staying true to NS4L’s Core Value #3, “Don’t Believe the Hype,” Collin graciously brought the entire team to the Gator100 Awards Gala on Friday. While the Gator100 recognized Collin for his accomplishments, he did not fail to recognize his team for our accomplishments. It was a great honor for us all, knowing that we contribute every day to the success of this company.

Dressed to impress, we closed the shop and carpooled to UF’s J. Wayne Reitz Union to attend the gala. It was certainly an afternoon to remember. We were served a wonderful meal while listening to the inspiring words of esteemed UF faculty and alumni. Above all, we were proud to represent NS4L as a complete team, surrounded by 99 like-minded entrepreneurs, their families, and their colleagues.

Gator100 NS4L table

NS4L was ranked as the 92nd fastest-growing Gator-led company, and we couldn’t be happier about it. I think I speak for the whole team when I say we were both proud and humbled by the experience.

(If you haven’t already, take a look at our Facebook page for more photos from the event.) 

Core Value #1, “Create and Recreate the Ultimate Customer Experience,” has contributed the most to the success of NS4L, and may be the biggest reason we are ranked in the Gator100. We provide our customers with top-quality products and service, but we believe that our customer service is what keeps people coming back time and again. The UCE, as we call it, is a direct reflection of our company culture, and we would be nowhere without that.

While the Gator100 is an incredible achievement, we see it as the tip of the iceberg for NS4L. Our team continually works together to improve the customer experience and therefore the overall success of NS4L.

Keep an eye out for NS4L at the 2nd annual Gator100 to see how far we’ll come in 2015!

Gator100 NS4L Group State Photo

As you may know, NS4L was recently on the hunt for the “NS4L Voice,” or someone to manage the online presence of New Scooters 4 Less. I am thrilled to introduce myself as that Voice.

 I started working here just after the New Year, and was immediately absorbed into the company culture.  Everyone was helpful, understanding, and genuinely friendly. They’re more than a team here at NS4L; they’re a family. And they adopted me into their family with open arms.

 I can’t tell you how important that is for the customer experience. You can’t walk into NS4L and not feel the love. And just like they welcomed me into the family, we want to welcome you into the family. That, to me, is what makes NS4L so special.

 So where do I come into this? It’s my job to run NS4L’s social media accounts, website, blog, and anything else that happens to float around the internet. It’s an awesome job because I get to take pictures and videos of whatever is going on around the shop, write blogs about who we are and what we believe in, and relay all that information to you.

 But, as Uncle Ben would say, “with great power comes great responsibility.” While I have a lot of fun doing my job, I have to make sure that I’m creating content that is both helpful and entertaining for you.

NS4L has 12 Core Values by which we live. The first is creating and recreating the UCE, the Ultimate Customer Experience. We’re here for YOU. I want to bring you behind the scenes to show you that everyone here really does love what they do, and that’s why we can provide you with the best service possible.

One of my goals as the NS4L Voice is to give our followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook the Ultimate Customer Experience from your mobile phone or computer screen. How? By interacting with you! Part of the experience at NS4L is being more than a nameless/faceless customer – we want to build and maintain relationships with every single one of you. So if you’re out and about on your scooter one gorgeous day, show us! Tweet at us or tag us in an Instagram post. Or maybe you just stopped into a new local business you think we’ll love. Let us know! (Especially if it’s a donut shop. We <3 donuts.) In short – you’re part of our scooter family, so keep in touch!

 Having said that, Core Value #3 is Don’t Believe the Hype. Everyone here at NS4L always works to remain humble. So we need your help! Let us know how we’re doing. Did you have an awesome experience? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve? We love feedback, and we graciously accept whatever you have to give us! We want to know what’s awesome and we want to know what we can work on. Anything you might have to say is important to us.

 I have no Voice unless I can first listen. So I’m ready to listen to you!

Tweet us @NS4L

Follow us on Instagram @NS4L

Like us on Facebook /newscooters4less

And keep an eye out for Snapchat (we hope to be launching soon)


If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to drop me a line, you can email me directly at voice@ns4l.com. I’m looking forward to interacting with you!

Here’s the story, but if you want to get the ‘low down’ on the position first, I get that…  So skip to the bottom…

Want to make a difference in the world?  Want to contribute to something greater than yourself and feel like your input matters?  A company I founded ten years ago is growing and we need team members to join in and contribute to its greatness.  If you are looking for a ‘job,’ this listing is not for you so you can stop reading now, but if you are looking to make an impact and change our world for the better, then continue to read my story below and the details of the help we are looking for below…

Ten years ago I was a kid attending the University of Florida.  Like a lot of college kids, I felt lost.  I was a good student. I studied, went to class (when possible – you will understand in a minute when you get down to the part about buses), received great grades, but like a lot of college students I was under pressure.  What pressure you ask?  The pressure of entering the ‘real world.’  I was about to graduate college.  I was about to be out on my own.  I needed to find a JOB.

Just like all the other UF students, in January (of 2004), I attended the Career Showcase at UF.  I was dressed in a suit, walking from recruiter to recruiter, handing them my resume, and putting on a fake mock interview.  I was so out of place.  1. I may have worn a suit a dozen times in my life prior to that moment and 2. The only thing going through my head was, “Oh my gosh… I am never going to work for you.”  This was an obvious sign that the whole ‘getting a career’ thing, probably wasn’t going to work out.

Alright. So why scooters?  Well…  throughout my time at UF I lived at University Terrace West on SW 20th Ave.  Apartment 407 to be exact if you know anyone that lives there.  Southeast corner bedroom, if you know anybody that lives in that apartment and you really want to freak them out.  Anyway…  Ten years ago the RTS system wasn’t what I would refer to as ‘great.’  Has it gotten better?  Yes.  I hear there are still issues though.  I would go outside to the small bench out in front of ‘UT-Dub’ (University Terrace West) (which is no longer there (the bus stop I mean – it has been moved to a larger bus stop further down)) and I would wait for the bus like normal UF students.  The problem?  The bus route started all the way down at the mall and it would pick up so many students before it got to my stop that by the time it actually got to my stop it would drive by with the words “FULL BUS” lit up across the top.  If I was even lucky enough to get on a bus, guess what…  Standing room only and after we had all just been standing outside in the Florida heat you can imagine how much fun it was standing up against other sweaty students that had to hold their arms up in order to hold the hand rails. #sweatypits

You can imagine how many times this happened before the lightbulb goes off and you think to yourself, “Man!  This is a huge problem!” Know what else?  I had a car.  I finally got to the point where I had 60 credits, which way back yonder was enough credits to get a ‘Commuter Lot’ parking decal to park on campus (which everyone knows that NEVER guarantees that you will get a parking spot).  Did I ever get a Commuter Lot parking decal?  Nope!  As soon as I reached 60 credits, UF bumped it up to 90 credits.  As soon as I got up to 90 credits…  Yep.  You guessed it.  It had been changed to 120 credits.  Congratulations…  You now have to be a GRADUATE student to receive a Commuter Lot parking decal.  Is that the case now?  I honestly have no idea (again, this was over 10 years ago), but could you see all the signs going off in front of me saying “WAKE UP COLLIN, THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM!”?  Yep.

When I was in school, scooters were BARELY in existence.  In fact, it is safe to say that bicycles were the main way for students to get around.  Mine was stolen.  #FAIL  (Ten years ago hashtags weren’t a thing either)  I remember there being way more motorcycles than scooters on campus.  It was only $30/year to park a motorcycle / scooter on campus way back then.  (Student Scooter Riders that are reading this…  I know!  Don’t freak out!  $156/year now?!  The SAME as a car when a scooter takes up 1/6 of what a car would take up?!)  There wasn’t even scooter parking.  You know those hashed areas at the end of parking spots?  A sign was stuck right in the middle of those that said “Motorcycle / Scooter Parking.”  Try getting your motorcycle or scooter out if you were stuck in the middle of the hashed block!  #thisiswhyUFcreatedactualscooterparkingslots

I can’t believe my eyes when I look around Gainesville and see the huge impact this company / THIS TEAM, has had in creating an entirely new LIFESTYLE in Gainesville.  When we opened up, motor scooters were looked at as being ‘dorky’.  In fact, we sold more scooters to Sophomores at UF.  Why? Because they thought scooters were dorky as freshmen until they suffered through that first year and then stopped and thought to themselves, ‘I’m not doing this again.  I’m getting a scooter!’  I remember parents bringing their kids in to look at scooters and these parents would literally BEG their kids to get a scooter (knowing what a time saver a scooter would be) and these college freshmen would say, no.  (Meanwhile, here I was, an entrepreneur silently screaming in my head, “WILL YOU JUST LET YOUR PARENTS BUY YOU A SCOOTER?!”)  #truestory  Today…  We have successfully created a scooter lifestyle that is COOL.  A girl walks in and tells us she is going to buy a scooter from us because everyone in her sorority has a scooter from us. Guess what?  Number one customer is now FRESHMEN too!

What’s even more awesome?  We are growing!  (This is why we need your help!)  We put TONS more scooters on the road in 2014 than we did in 2013 and we know (from 3rd party research) that this team is on track to sell more scooters in Gainesville this year than all the other dealerships do combined!

You see scooters everywhere.  Now if you pay close attention, you will see the NS4L logo on the side of lots.

Is that the whole story?  Nope.  There are tons more.  A lot of adventures.  They are fun stories to reminisce over on ‘Beer Cart Fridays’ when hanging out at the shop and relaxing with the team…

You:  “So what is this Collin?!”

Me:  This is a job description!  A bit unorthodox, I know, but if you know me…  I am a bit unorthodox.  When I took over as sole owner of this company in 2006, I had one mission:  To help students get to and from class, at their convenience, on high-quality, affordable transportation, without having to wait for the bus!  We want to continue this mission and help others find the transportation they need as well!  🙂

So what makes us different?  We believe we are a customer service business that just happens to sell, repair, and rent scooters.  Our number one core value is to Create and Recreate the UCE – Ultimate Customer Experience.  We live and breath customer service.  Do we fail sometimes?  Yep.  Sorry…  even I can’t have a great day and be on my game 100% of the time (but I strive like crazy to!).  You try smiling and clearing your eyes of tears to deliver great service when you just find out that your grandmother passed away.  It’s not easy.  How do I account for this?  I simply work at building relationships so tight with my team members that should something like this happen and be weighing on someone emotionally, I can recognize it and let them go home for the day.  We all have bad days and it is imperative that we work hard so these ‘bad days’ don’t affect a customer’s perspective or experience with us.

Can we make EVERY customer happy?  No.  (This really really sucks honestly, because I have lived so much of my life trying to please EVERYONE.)  Of course we do everything in our power to make our customers happy, but we are not the scooter store for everyone.  I haven’t quite figured it out, but there are people that are living right now, breathing air, and hating every aspect of their life that they feel it is absolute necessary to take it out on the rest of the world.  We have had a customer threaten the lives of our team members before.  That is uncalled for and that type of behavior will never be tolerated from any customer.  This is NOT the store for those kind of people and I have no trouble telling customers not to ever come back should I feel that the customer may cause harm to my team or other customers.  My team and the customers that appreciate and share our values are my family and I will do everything in my power to help and protect them.  I will always bend over backwards to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers.  This business is my baby and supports my wife and baby boys…  Believe me, nobody wants to make sure customers are happy more than I do.

You:  “So why are you telling me all of this?”

Me:  It’s simple.  Students graduate school and leave Gainesville for a ‘job’.  My team and I need quality help.  We know your mom and dad want you to go get a corporate job with lots of benefits, corporate structure, yada, yada, yada.  Believe me.  I know.  When I told my dad I was starting my own company, he was against it.  Yet, here I am.

If you want to spend the rest of your life in a cubicle, have fun.  I don’t believe that most of you want to work in a cubicle your whole life.  If you are like me, you feel like you were put on this Earth for something amazing.  You want to make a difference and impact people’s lives for the better.  You want to connect with other people that are out trying to create a better future for the son or daughter you haven’t even had yet.  You want to have your name written in a history book so that when you die, your time on Earth mattered.  You want to simply CHANGE THE WORLD.

Guess what?  Me too.  If you can’t tell then you need to just stop reading now.  This is my ‘we’re hiring’ post.  We aren’t just hiring anyone though, we are hiring people that want to CHANGE THE WORLD.  If you want to be a cubelet (my word for someone that spends their life in a cubicle), then NS4L is not the place for you to work.  However, if you want to make a difference in the world and be part of a young business that wants to create a lot of change within its community, region, nation, and world.  Then this place is for you.  If you want to be a part of one of the most unique company cultures in our region, then NS4L is the place for you.  We are known for being wild, eccentric, and fun, yet all that stems from the customer service we provide our customers.  Our team is a family, so if you like building close relationships with a team, having brothers and sisters you can count on, then NS4L is the place for you.  If you want to have ‘coworkers’ (our coworkers are family) say hello as you pass them in the hall and not feel like you want to steal a printer from your work and beat it to death #officespace, then NS4L is the place for you.  Don’t get me wrong, we would beat a printer to death with a baseball bat, but it would be because it doesn’t work.  We would also NEVER do so without recording it and putting it on YouTube either.

You:  “Collin, I am a college student and want to work part-time while in school, will you consider me for a position?”

Me:  Yes!  Some of the BEST hires have been part-time college students.  I do want this particular position to be a long-term position, but if this position isn’t right for you, we may have another that is.  Many of these students saw me speak at UF about entrepreneurship and came to me and said, “Collin…  I think I can help you.”  BOOM!  So it began…

You:  “Collin, I don’t see a job you offer that I would fit really well in, but I think I could help you in so many other ways, will you hire me?”

Me:  Go ahead.  Create your own job at NS4L.  I can’t promise that it is right for this team, but I love people that are creative and if you want to help me change the world, then I would be stupid to not at least listen to what you have to say, right?

I hope all of this shows how passionate I am for what I do.  If it doesn’t, then I really (REALLY) failed.  I hope that things like upsetting the status quo, family, making a difference, being a part of a team, creating change, having fun, and being heard will take precedence for you over bureaucracy and boredom. So here are the details of the position…


Details of current OPEN position
New Scooters 4 Less
NS4L Voice
Sales & Operations: Job is Located in Gainesville, FL

The NS4L Voice plays THE vital role of representing New Scooters 4 Less online.  You are the VOICE of the team and ’speak’ on behalf of NS4L online.  This team member works at NS4L and ‘on the go’ to keep NS4L active on all forms of Social Media!  Our team is looking for someone who is energetic, hard working, organized, detail-oriented, fun, determined and just the right amount of weird!

NS4L Core Values

1.     Create and Recreate the Ultimate Customer Experience
2.     Stay Calm and Scoot On
3.     Don’t Believe the Hype! (Stay Humble!)
4.     Embrace and Shape Change
5.     Keep Promises
6.     SOC it to Me (Safe, Organized, and Clean)
7.     Communicate Clearly
8.     SIQ Awesomeness (Service, Integrity, and Quality)
9.     Create a Lifestyle
10.  Always Put a Teammate First
11.  Serve a HIGHER PURPOSE!
12.  If you are late to work, you better bring breakfast!

Responsibilities include (but are certainly not limited to):

·      Taking NS4L online!
·     Online sales through websites like Craigslist, Gainesville4Sale (and similar sites), Cycle Trader, and more.  You will be our ‘sales lead’ for anything web-based. (You will be required to have extensive knowledge of the scooter business and industry.  You don’t have to know all this to start, but you are going to have to study and learn quickly.)
·      ‘Speaks’ on behalf of NS4L on Social Media.  Makes and schedules posts relating to NS4L and other articles and happenings that relate to our customer demographic and industry.
·      Increases ‘followers’ and ‘fans’ by building online relationships with customers.  Stays active by posting and tweeting with customers and fan base.
·      Increases scooter and service sales through social media.
·      Grows the NS4L website blog and builds content.
·      Grows the NS4L website:  scooter inventory, available colors, etc.  Keeps the website up-to-date and fresh with new content.
·      Lists parts, accessories, and other products on eBay to work on expanding sales of NS4L products nationwide.
·      Grows and constantly strives to take NS4L’s reputation up a notch by keeping an eye on what is being said about NS4L online.  You will be the ‘first responder’ and NS4L’s primary customer service manager responsible for addressing customer service complaints immediately and delivering all customers with the Ultimate Customer Experience.
·      Make New Scooters 4 Less active on forums related to our industry.  Network and communicate within these forums to expose NS4L to more customers and ‘fans’.
·      Create video (iPhone, GoPro) to expose customers and fans to the ever-growing culture of NS4L.
·      Begin the inner-workings of creating an ‘online’ business future for NS4L.
·      Work with our team to achieve our monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals!
·      Be an active part of recognizing opportunities for improvement and efficiency in order to increase the overall productivity and online growth of NS4L.
·      Actively contribute to our unique, exuberant, outlandish and exciting culture!
·      Build relationships with the greatest people in Gainesville (our customers, business friends, and team)!  Get out and network to capture more content for NS4L!


·      Experience with all types of social media and understands how to interact and build relationships online.
·      Experience with wordpress.
·      Experience with photoshop, illustrator, etc. preferred.
·      Sales experience.
·      Thorough understanding of online SEO.
·      Blogging and writing experience.
·      Marketing / Social Media background preferred.
·      eBay experience.
·      Must be able to “smile with your voice” and have a good “email/online voice”
·      Positive attitude and ability to interact with customers in a friendly manner.
·      Has to have close attention to details as well as a vision for the bigger picture.
·      Must be coachable, open to feedback and dedicated to consistent self-improvement.
·      Leadership experience and open to growing as a LEADER as there will be lots of time dedicated to leadership development.

What You’ll Get:

·      NS4L Swag Bag.
·      Snazzy freaking uniform.
·      Exposure to sales and growth in communication skills.
·      New MacBook Pro and Thunderbolt display for work use.
·      A lot of experience with customer service and interacting with different personality types.
·      Exposure to the ever-growing entrepreneurship world of Gainesville.
·      A dedicated team that is fun to work with and will become a part of your extended family.
·      Paid sick time.
·      Paid vacation time once employed for 1 year.
·      Paid holidays.
·      Participation in Donut Fridays.  #awwyea

If you want an opportunity to grow and learn in a fun and exciting position, we invite you to apply! Please make sure to email Andrea Ramos, our Chief of Sales, Marketing, Events and HR at andrea@ns4l.com your resume in order to receive our employment questionnaire!


Look.  We know what you are going through.  (Been there and done that.  Class of 2004 baby.  Go Gators.)  You’re getting back in town and you have a million things to get done.  The parentals are probably with you as you are getting unpacked into that brand new resort-style apartment complex across town.  If you are a freshman, your mom is probably on the verge of a breakdown as her ‘baby’ is now starting college and will only be coming home for the long weekends or holiday breaks.  (We love you mom!)  Meanwhile, dad is contemplating on whether to turn your bedroom into a home gym or the home office he never had.  He is also planning all the vacations he and mom can now go now that they don’t have to plan around you and your high school events any longer.

It’s ok.  We are here for you.  So here is a mini NS4L list of scooter things you need to know for B2S:

1.  Your parents know that you need a scooter.  You need one so you can hit the snooze 5 times, roll out of bed, get on the scoot, pull up outside of your class, and still make it on time.  We call this the NO WAITING ON THE BUS plan.  So come in and get it now while there is a HUGE selection!

2.  Scooters are cool.  Get over it.  Several years ago, we had parents begging to buy scooters for their sons and daughters, and these sons/daughters would say, ‘No…  Scooters are dorky.’  EEEERRRRR (this is my buzzer noise) Wrong!  Scooters are cool dude.  If your parents are willing to buy you a scooter, you should let them!  It is the GREATEST tool for school.  FACT: Sophomores used to be our top customer because they would SUFFER through the first year and then come buy a scooter before their second year.  Today – FRESHMEN are our top customer!

3.  Your parents will want to borrow your scooter.  No matter what they say, plan on being scooter-less on those game day weekends.  What’s more fun than tailgating at all those Gator football games?  Um…  Going from tailgate to tailgate seeing all your ‘old college buddies’ and showing off your son/daughter’s scooter.  It’s ok.  When they drop it, we will fix it.

3a.  So should you not let them borrow your scooter?  Answer:  Did you pay for it? If yes – then no.  Did they pay for it? If yes – then yes.  See how that works?  😉

4.  Your parents truly care for your safety (and so do we).  Ok.  So a helmet isn’t the most fashionable part of your daily wardrobe, but check it…  it could save your life.  You: “I know.  I know.  I know.”  Ok.  Cool.  So listen and wear it.  Nearly every scooter accident we have heard of has been because the car driver didn’t see the scooter driver.  (Parents… stop freaking out, you don’t hear of scooter accidents nearly as much as you think.  They are pretty rare.)  Oh.  And if your under 21, it is the law.

5.  We are family.  So call us when you need us.  Mom and dad probably don’t live in Gainesville, so if you run over that nail and get a flat tire, they probably can’t help you.  If you accidentally press your scooter brakes a little too late and bang into the back of a car, your parents won’t be able to be there.  Guess what?  WE CAN.  Such situations can fluster you, so take a deep breathe, pick up the phone, call us and let us come help you.  We can walk you through everything you need help with and can be the first people there in the event of an emergency.

5a.  Seriously… we have customers that stop by to hang out, see what is new, and raid our coffee bar.  It is ok.  You don’t have to break something on your scooter if you want to come by.  We are family.  So whether you want to come hang out or whether you need a hug from a friend, we are here.

6.  Ever been to the Apple store on the day a new iPhone is released?  B2S time is like that for NS4L!  WE ARE BUSY DUDE!  Don’t freak out if your scooter is in for repair and it takes us 3 weeks to get to it!  The service department looks like this…

New Scooters 4 Less Service

We have a HUGE team that is working long hours to get service completed, new scooters prepared, rentals out the door, etc. as quick, efficiently, and as safely as possible.  Please be patient and forgive us if it takes longer than normal to get your scooter in for repair to you.

There are probably a lot of more things we could write about when it come to B2S, I feel like that hits the core.  Have fun.  Be safe.  If you are a regular, stop by and say hi.  If you are a newbie, welcome.  We are excited to add you to our Gainesville Scootin’ Family!

Stay Calm and Scoot On.

Collin & the NS4L Team

But wait…  Let me take a selfie!  #BOOM

Welcome to the New Scooters 4 Less & KISS 105.3 B2S (This means Back to School for all you old folks!) Selfie Contest!  NS4L is known for it’s extravagant culture, super fun contests, and for giving away TONS of scooters over the past several years… So let’s do it again!  But wait…  Let’s give away MORE!

What are we giving away to one lucky winner?!

1.  RX50 SCOOTER – Winner get’s to choose ANY color he / she wants! ($1200 Value)
2.  Scooter Skull Cap Helmet ($75 Value)
3.  Scooter Grip Lock ($80 Value)
4.  Scooter Weather Cover ($50 Value)
5.  Scooter Bluetooth Speaker ($40 Value)
6.  2 Year Maintenance Plan ($300 Value)
7.  Vacation Storage Package – Includes Winter Break,  Spring Break, and Summer Storage ($300 Value)
8.  $200 Gas Card ($200 Value – duh!)
9.  HUGS from our Scooter Loving Team (Priceless of course!)
10.  SWAG BAG of shirts and other fun stuff for CREATIVELY AWESOME SELFIES.

Total Value:  $2,245.00 in prizes (+ the priceless hugs of course)

So how do YOU enter?!

Well…  chances are that if you found this blog…

1.  You have WAY too much time on your hands.
2.  You LOVE us…  like A LOT.

So what do I do now?!

1.  Find a New Scooters 4 Less Scooter ANYWHERE.  They are all over the place!  Then take a SELFIE!  Something like this…
NS4L Scooter Selfie 1Photo Aug 09, 4 59 45 PMPhoto Aug 09, 4 59 00 PM
2.  Visit Facebook.com/newscooters4less and upload your #SCOOTERSELFIE to our Facebook Wall.  This counts as entry numero uno!  Tag it #SCOOTERSELFIE
3.  Now email Collin Austin (COE – Chief of Everything) and include the following:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Age
  3. Your Address
  4. Your Phone Number
  5. #BOOM – That’s it

This get’s you a SECOND entry into the contest!

So who can enter and what are the rules?!  

We HATE ‘fine print’ so there isn’t any ‘trickery.’  Here is the straight up ‘what you need to know.’

1.  You must be 18 years old to enter.
2.  Winner is responsible for Sales Tax/ Solid Waste Tax/ Tag/ Title/ Registration/ Temp Tag.  On $2,245.00 of freebies, this would be approximately $300 – $400 or so depending on where you want the scooter registered.
3.  The name of the person drawn wins all the STUFF.  This means if you win, we aren’t going to sign the scooter over to your brother, sister, friend, etc.  We will do the paperwork with YOU (the winner) and if you want to give it to someone else later, then that is up to you!  However, maintenance packages and storage packages will not be transferrable.
4.  That’s it.  #BOOM – but if you have any other questions, email Collin@NS4L.com.

How is the winner chosen?!

CONTEST ends September 7th.  Winner will be chosen at RANDOM by putting all the selfie pics and email entries in a hat and drawing the winner (or in one of our epic ways we are known for).  We will announce the winner soon after on our Facebook Page and notify the winner via email and phone number!

Ready.  Set.  SELFIE!

As an entrepreneur, I have quickly learned that unless you are willing to evolve and make changes to your organization as your environment and customers needs change, you will ultimately fail.  When we formulated our company core values, ’embrace and shape change’ was DEFINITELY going to be one.  In the last ten years for example, New Scooters 4 Less has gone from 2 partners to 1 owner and primarily a wholesale company to nearly 100% retail.  These were huge changes that forever affected the direction of the organization.  We will continue to adapt and make changes vital to the future of NS4L.  With that said, I am announcing a HUGE change…


Out with the old…

New Scooters 4 Less Old Website

and in with the new!  We used to receive compliment after compliment about the information available on the old site.  Our goal is to make sure that none of that changes.  In fact, we want to provide the same great content that was on the old website, but bring you EVEN MORE with the new site.  This new website will continue to grow and expand in features.  So why the change?

As informative as the old New Scooters 4 Less website was it doesn’t capture everything that makes New Scooters 4 Less so special.  This entire company has been built on a culture of customer service and that is exactly what the website lacked…  It didn’t show our culture!  It did not show the PEOPLE that make this place so great.  New Scooters 4 Less wouldn’t exist today without this special group of people…

NS4L Team

Our team.  Our culture.  Our customers.  This is what defines who we are.  So it is important that our website does just that… Shows who we are.  One huge Gainesville Scooter Scootin’ Family!

– Collin
COE – Chief of Everything