Look.  We know what you are going through.  (Been there and done that.  Class of 2004 baby.  Go Gators.)  You’re getting back in town and you have a million things to get done.  The parentals are probably with you as you are getting unpacked into that brand new resort-style apartment complex across town.  If you are a freshman, your mom is probably on the verge of a breakdown as her ‘baby’ is now starting college and will only be coming home for the long weekends or holiday breaks.  (We love you mom!)  Meanwhile, dad is contemplating on whether to turn your bedroom into a home gym or the home office he never had.  He is also planning all the vacations he and mom can now go now that they don’t have to plan around you and your high school events any longer.

It’s ok.  We are here for you.  So here is a mini NS4L list of scooter things you need to know for B2S:

1.  Your parents know that you need a scooter.  You need one so you can hit the snooze 5 times, roll out of bed, get on the scoot, pull up outside of your class, and still make it on time.  We call this the NO WAITING ON THE BUS plan.  So come in and get it now while there is a HUGE selection!

2.  Scooters are cool.  Get over it.  Several years ago, we had parents begging to buy scooters for their sons and daughters, and these sons/daughters would say, ‘No…  Scooters are dorky.’  EEEERRRRR (this is my buzzer noise) Wrong!  Scooters are cool dude.  If your parents are willing to buy you a scooter, you should let them!  It is the GREATEST tool for school.  FACT: Sophomores used to be our top customer because they would SUFFER through the first year and then come buy a scooter before their second year.  Today – FRESHMEN are our top customer!

3.  Your parents will want to borrow your scooter.  No matter what they say, plan on being scooter-less on those game day weekends.  What’s more fun than tailgating at all those Gator football games?  Um…  Going from tailgate to tailgate seeing all your ‘old college buddies’ and showing off your son/daughter’s scooter.  It’s ok.  When they drop it, we will fix it.

3a.  So should you not let them borrow your scooter?  Answer:  Did you pay for it? If yes – then no.  Did they pay for it? If yes – then yes.  See how that works?  😉

4.  Your parents truly care for your safety (and so do we).  Ok.  So a helmet isn’t the most fashionable part of your daily wardrobe, but check it…  it could save your life.  You: “I know.  I know.  I know.”  Ok.  Cool.  So listen and wear it.  Nearly every scooter accident we have heard of has been because the car driver didn’t see the scooter driver.  (Parents… stop freaking out, you don’t hear of scooter accidents nearly as much as you think.  They are pretty rare.)  Oh.  And if your under 21, it is the law.

5.  We are family.  So call us when you need us.  Mom and dad probably don’t live in Gainesville, so if you run over that nail and get a flat tire, they probably can’t help you.  If you accidentally press your scooter brakes a little too late and bang into the back of a car, your parents won’t be able to be there.  Guess what?  WE CAN.  Such situations can fluster you, so take a deep breathe, pick up the phone, call us and let us come help you.  We can walk you through everything you need help with and can be the first people there in the event of an emergency.

5a.  Seriously… we have customers that stop by to hang out, see what is new, and raid our coffee bar.  It is ok.  You don’t have to break something on your scooter if you want to come by.  We are family.  So whether you want to come hang out or whether you need a hug from a friend, we are here.

6.  Ever been to the Apple store on the day a new iPhone is released?  B2S time is like that for NS4L!  WE ARE BUSY DUDE!  Don’t freak out if your scooter is in for repair and it takes us 3 weeks to get to it!  The service department looks like this…

New Scooters 4 Less Service

We have a HUGE team that is working long hours to get service completed, new scooters prepared, rentals out the door, etc. as quick, efficiently, and as safely as possible.  Please be patient and forgive us if it takes longer than normal to get your scooter in for repair to you.

There are probably a lot of more things we could write about when it come to B2S, I feel like that hits the core.  Have fun.  Be safe.  If you are a regular, stop by and say hi.  If you are a newbie, welcome.  We are excited to add you to our Gainesville Scootin’ Family!

Stay Calm and Scoot On.

Collin & the NS4L Team