As an entrepreneur, I have quickly learned that unless you are willing to evolve and make changes to your organization as your environment and customers needs change, you will ultimately fail.  When we formulated our company core values, ’embrace and shape change’ was DEFINITELY going to be one.  In the last ten years for example, New Scooters 4 Less has gone from 2 partners to 1 owner and primarily a wholesale company to nearly 100% retail.  These were huge changes that forever affected the direction of the organization.  We will continue to adapt and make changes vital to the future of NS4L.  With that said, I am announcing a HUGE change…


Out with the old…

New Scooters 4 Less Old Website

and in with the new!  We used to receive compliment after compliment about the information available on the old site.  Our goal is to make sure that none of that changes.  In fact, we want to provide the same great content that was on the old website, but bring you EVEN MORE with the new site.  This new website will continue to grow and expand in features.  So why the change?

As informative as the old New Scooters 4 Less website was it doesn’t capture everything that makes New Scooters 4 Less so special.  This entire company has been built on a culture of customer service and that is exactly what the website lacked…  It didn’t show our culture!  It did not show the PEOPLE that make this place so great.  New Scooters 4 Less wouldn’t exist today without this special group of people…

NS4L Team

Our team.  Our culture.  Our customers.  This is what defines who we are.  So it is important that our website does just that… Shows who we are.  One huge Gainesville Scooter Scootin’ Family!

– Collin
COE – Chief of Everything


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