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Scooter Fam!

The supply chain of scooters has been heavily disrupted due to COVID-19 impact! DO NOT WAIT TO RESERVE YOUR SCOOTER! Even if you don’t need a scooter today, we have a plan to help you get prepared for the Fall 2022 Semester…

We have been told that due to limited freight container shipments, fuel price surges, and tariffs that the cost of scooters are on the rise! Our scooter prices could potentially be $200 – $300 higher by the time school starts!

RESERVE NOW! You can get our current scooter inventory that is in stock reserved NOW at the current pricing, pay in full, complete your paperwork in advance via DocuSign, and we’ll put your scooter in our storage for FREE until you pick it up this fall! When you pick your scooter up, it will be prepared and ready to go! We’ll give you a lesson and get you on the road!

Call me or text me today at (352) 336-1271 or email me at SALES@NS4L.COM to get started or if you have any questions!

Stay Calm and Scoot On!