I live several hours away from Gainesville so we sent our baby gator to purchase her new scooter by herself. They were super helpful as she was very apprehensive on riding a scooter for the first time. They took the time to give her a quick driving lesson in their parking lot, answered all of her questions and made sure she was confident when she drove away on her new pink scooter w/helmet. I highly recommend NS4L if your in the market for a Scooter.

– Michelle Jacobson

“Being a parent plays a huge role in how I view our responsibility to our customers…their safety is everything

One of the biggest joys here at NS4L is when students come in with their parents and we hear that “One of our friends told us how well you took care of THEIR daughter” and how you “Took the time to ensure they were taught how to ride SAFELY”.

We understand our NS4L parents and their concerns.

That’s why we’ve covered the key concerns and questions we hear over and over on our youtube channel. Here are some of the top answers:

Why Reserving in Advance Makes Sense:

Do my parents need to be with me to purchase?

Am I required to wear a HELMET?

Can I finance my Scoot?

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