Rockstar Sass Master

Whoever left Stella and Hooligan at our doorstep in early 2018 must have been a bearded giant on a flying motorcycle, because these cats are MAGIC.

Stella brings sass and class to the shop where she enjoys hunting the occasional pest in the Service Department, napping in the lofts, and losing every collar we put on her within 48 hours. We call her our little free spirit, in a past life she was a traveling cabaret singer. Not every animal is meant to be caged, and Stella is definitely one for adventure. You can often hear her say “let MEOOOWT” when she’s in a room with a closed door. The song she sings every morning as she escorts us from the parking lot to her food bowl is something we all look forward to. Whether she’s just returned from one of her unannounced vacations or snuggled on a scooter in the showroom, her presence in the shop is larger than her 9 lives.

Get to know Stella…

Have you ever traveled abroad?

I spend most of my days on tour; NS4L is just a pit stop on most of my destinations.

Would you rather form connections with people on-line or in person?

Neither. I prefer to sass it up all alone, but if I need to answer, I’d rather form in-person connections with my adoring fans.

What would your ideal day/night consist of?

My ideal day consist of being on the prowl for some adventure…my nighttime activities are a mystery…

If you could have any celebrity as your bae for a day who would it be?

A short haired, exotic orange Tabby in a pair of leather boots and an elegant hat to match.

What is your worst bad habit?