Sales Associcate

Get to know Sarah…

What made you decide to work at NS4L?

I actually worked for Collin’s podcast WHOA GNV for almost 2 years! During this time, he recruited me to help with the back-to-school fall rush at NS4L and was always asking me to join the team. I was going through a couple of transitions recently, reached out to Collin to see if I could join the sales team part time and the rest is history!

What do you do here?

To put it simply, I do all of the paperwork when we sell a scooter and ensure that everything gets approved with the tag office. I also help out with any and everything that Collin or Brandon need!

What does success look like in this season of your life?

Success in this season of my life is pushing myself outside of my comfort zone each and everyday…if I do something that makes me uncomfortable than I have been successful. Success is also spending quality time with my family or friends on a daily basis. In my last semester of grad school, success is also working my absolute hardest and performing well academically.

What are you modeling for others today?

I hope that I am modeling kindness, patience, and hard work for others. I hope that my actions inspire others to take action towards their goals each and everyday. Greatness takes time and dedication!

Where would your ideal vacation be?

My ideal vacation would be a few months spent away traveling to see the 7 Wonders of the World!

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

In 10 years from now I hope to be living in a suburb of a large city with my family working for a Fortune 500 Company. I want to be in a leadership role and leading others to reach their goals, personally and professionally. I also hope to be traveling and visiting new places on a regular basis!

When you go onto your big job…will you forget about us?

Never! WHOA GNV and NS4L have been so amazing to me and I will forever be thankful for the opportunities Collin and the team have given me. Collin is such a big mentor to me and I will always look up to him for advice and guidance.