Rebecca Santana

NS4L Showroom Assistant and Scooter Traffic Controller Extraordinaire

Intro by Collin…
Rebecca bought a scooter from us  🙂  When she received our email about hiring Showroom Sales Assistants, she applied!  Rebecca was a great sport because she went through 2 interviews to get to my interview with her and she rocked all of them!  The interview was also ‘b-rolled’ in one of the first vlogs…  Check out minute 1:23 of episode 4 below.

Get to know Rebecca…

Current show you are watching on Netflix?

Pars and Rec Always.

Secret talent that no one knows about?


Who would you most like to swap places with for a day at NS4L?


What is the funniest joke you know?

Why did the banana leave his bunch…  He had to peel away.

What way does your toilet paper hang on the wall… over or under?


What store would you max-out your credit card?