Ninja Warrior

NS4L Driver

Intro by Collin…
It’s always nice to have friends that are always looking out for me!  My friend, Kristen Hadeed, founder of Gainesville’s Student Maid, had remembered that I the NS4L team was growing and looking for more help, so she referred Ninja Warrior (the husband of one of her team members) to me.  After seeing Ninja’s very ‘different’ resume, having him come recommended from my friend Kristen, and of course finding out that he was a participant on the hit show Ninja Warrior (I mean come on… if anyone is going to hire a Ninja, it’s going to be NS4L), I knew I had to interview him.  Ninja was a shoe-in, fit our values and culture perfectly, and has quickly worked his way up to be our SAP, Service Administrative Professional and Assistant Manager.  What’s a SAP?  It’s the name Mike made up for the person in charge of keeping the Service Department organized and on its toes (i.e. Keeping STATS updated, ordering parts for all service customers, keeping parts inventory up to date, distributing and managing all service tickets given to technicians, invoicing all service, and so much more!).
By now you know why we call him Ninja Warrior, but what’s his REAL name?!  You will have to ask him.
Get to know Ninja Warrior…

In your words, what do you do here?

Drive trucks, pick up & deliver scoots, and back up trailers like a boss. (And pretty much anything that needs doing).

How did you get suckered into working for NS4L?

Kristen Hadeed conned me into it. 😉

What is your favorite NS4L Core Value?

Create and Recreate the UCE! Most companies are focused on $. We’re focused on people! Our customers are our FAMILY!

What is your favorite Snapchat filter?

No filter. Real life.

Would you rather spend your leisure money on experiences or tangible things?

Experiences, hands down. Travel, learn, & do as much as possible.

If you could be a part of a scooter sandwich (3 people on 1 scoot, which is obviously not recommended), would you be in the front, middle, or back?

Front! I like to be in control when in/on any vehicle.

If you could be on any reality show, which would it be?

Well, I HAVE been on American Ninja Warrior! I would love to do The Hero or The Amazing Race!

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

BOTH! Okay, dogs…