Matthew Manzo

NS4L Showroom Assistant

Intro by Collin…
Matthew originally bought a scooter from us in fall of 2016.  If I recall correctly, it took him about a month or so to come around and actually commit to the purchase.  Naturally, he LOVED it.  When Matt found out that we were hiring for a sales assistant position, he applied, interviewed, and got the job!  Matt has a fun, outgoing personality and is already becoming known for making team members and customers laugh around the dealership.  Minute 5:57 of the NS4L.TV Vlog in Episode 30 will give you a glimpse of what I am talking about.  🙂

Get to know Matthew…

What is your favorite concert you’ve attended?


Last magazine you’ve read?

Men’s Health.  #Gains

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day at NS4L?

Chief of Wisdom (COW) Leigh – I want to supply the world with insightful wisdom and quotes.

What is your favorite memory at NS4L?

Everyday here is my favorite memory 🙂

Secret talent that no one knows about?

I don’t have talents to begin with, let alone secret ones.

What store would you max-out your credit card?

I’m a nightmare to shop with, but Amazon because Amazon Prime is the best thing since sliced bread.

What way does your toilet paper hang on the wall… over or under?

I’m a baby wipe kinda guy so no to toilet paper, BUT I’ll make an exception for Charmin Ultra Soft

Make up a catchphrase for your name or your personality?

Confidence is good but make sure you don’t believe the hype TOO MUCH.