Matt Avinger

CTO - Developer/Designer/Fixer of all Problems

Intro by Collin…
You see…  I have one of these brains that never stops. It comes up with these ideas that I am incapable of building all by myself. Well, I am lucky to have met Matt through one of my amazing friends, Carrie. Matt is building all of the stuff in my head, lol. All of these are computer and mobile-based applications that will continue to help New Scooters 4 Less deliver the most epic of experiences to its customers. We hope that as we build and establish a network of dealerships that these web-based tools will help us communicate clearly [Core Value #7] with each other and with our customers. Oh… did I mention that Matt helps with every computer, printer, server, etc. problem in the building? lol.  I know he loves that part too!  😉
Get to know Matt…

In your words, what do you do here?

*holds index finger to lips* Shhhhh! I do secret computer “stuff” …and by “stuff” I mean surf the interwebs all day. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

How did you get suckered into working here?

…wait…I’m actually suppose to be doing “work” while I’m here? tehehe! Who’s the sucker now, Collin? 😉

What is your favorite NS4L memory so far?

I’m too early in my NS4L career to have a favorite but I’m looking forward to a myriad of memories.

What is your favorite quote?

“I’m an ancient soul in a modern body with a futuristic state of mind.”

What’s your favorite NS4L Core Value?

#3, Don’t believe the hype. Don’t talk about how great something is, make something great!

If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be? Why?

Dogs drool, Cats rule! If I had to really choose it would be a Pug! If anything that ugly can be that cute then it gives me hope for myself…btw Ladies I’m single…Ladies? …Ladies! aww man where did they all go? 🙁

What’s your dream vacation?

That is a tough one! It’s rare that I take any vacations but Ireland is high on my list to visit.

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me! That may sound like a cop-out answer but as an Artist it is 100% true. My mind is constantly a blaze from the vast crevice of inspiration called life.

Would you rather have a new car or $20,000 in the car you have now?

I own a nice car so 20k in the glove box sounds good to me!