Justin Smith

NS4L Service Writer

Intro by Collin…
Justin approached me about being his mentor for his awesome company SPASM Skateboards, a skateboard company with a powerful message of Seeking Peaceful Awareness by Staying Motivated [SPASM]. I needed some help during the back-to-school rush and Justin thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship, so he jumped on board! It is awesome being able to mentor Justin with his company yet get a team member that pours so much into helping me with NS4L! Be sure to check out SPASM Skateboards!
Get to know Justin…

What is your favorite NS4L Core Value?

#1, of course. UCE!

What is your favorite throwback song? Why?

There are so many to choose from! I can’t choose just one! Throwback songs remind me of a wide range of emotions. My favorite genre would be late 80s, early 90s grunge or early 90s R&B.

What would your ideal day/night consist of?

Sleep till noon, cuddle with my girl, eat dinner and watch the sun go down on the beach.

Do you prefer cats or dogs?


What is your favorite ice cream?

Mint Moose Tracks

If you could have your dream vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?


What would be the ideal date with your significant other?

Hot air balloon across France

What is one word that other people often refer to you as?


What inspires you?

As a skater what inspires me to keep going is my passion for it. I can’t go a single day without at least thinking about skating. Do what you love and you will continue to be inspired.