James Miller

NS4L Gainesville Scooter Repair Technician (say 10x really fast!)

Intro by Collin…
NS4L was growing yet again and needing more help in the service department.  James came into the store to get an application filled it out and submitted it to us.  As the routine typically goes, we called Mr. James Miller in for an interview and he got the job.  There were 2 things that I distinctly remember about James.  The first was that he was super tall (taller than me and he would then be the first person at NS4L taller than myself).  The second was that he had worked at another scooter shop in the past.  I remember telling James that we have never hired techs from other shop before because we expect way more out of our technicians that other shops do out of theirs.  We expect our techs to go above and beyond the necessary call of duty and we never settle for mediocrity.  James reassured me that it would never be a problem and sure enough, he has been awesome!  James is one of the hardest working people (silently funny too) that I know.
Get to know James…

In your words, what do you do here?

Well, I thought you would never ask.  When I walk into work, I stand tall and pretty much wait for people to ask me to reach stuff.  Beyond that, I do exactly what would be expected of me:  Anything the boss says, anything Leigh says, and most things the other guys say.  We mostly talk about scooters so there you have it.

How did you get suckered into working here?

I distinctly remember applying to NS4L in the dog days of summer. July something. I had taken the application, went out to my car, and rushed to fill it out. It was like 2 or 3 in the afternoon and at least 95 degrees, no clouds in the sky. I have no A/C so I sweated bullets all over my application; dark stained my white collar shirt; and went back inside, looking like I’d taken a jog around the block. Fast forward several weeks after that, I received a call and I went in for an interview. I was taken into a dimly lit room, like a scene from the Godfather, and sat next to a guy that looked like a body guard. Across the desk the a chair slowly rose from a square hole in the floor and I met The Don. We exchanged courtesies and contact information and sure enough, I was hired. Happily ever after. (The driving force which brought me to the NS4L world on that hot summer day was primarily that of desperate unemployment and poverty.)

What is your favorite NS4L memory?

Only Bryce and Brian would get this one, but I’d say the days of disassembling scooters in the warehouse. It was a marathon of laborious days–cussing and kicking scooters apart in order to meet a deadline. Basically we needed to clear out the warehouse for the new year and we had little time to do it. So we would show up early, swing hammers at stuff, ALWAYS eat at Macdonald’s for lunch and completely part out EVERYTHING on a scooter. It was a great learning experience, as well as a superb workshop for anger/stress relief.


If you could have any celebrity as your bae for a day who would it be?

Jennifer Lopez. This goes way back to 1999 and the widely publicized fear of Y2K, and MTV. I believe I was biologically destined to have a thing for J-Lo. And being born in 1987, it just so happened that I hit puberty at the exact moment when the year 2000 struck. For me it was more than a countdown to the apocalypse, more than a breath before my giant leap into manhood, it was a milestone for a celebrity love that I can never forget. If you haven’t seen her music video “Waiting for Tonight” just watch it on youtube, you’ll get it.


If you could live in any decade which would it be?

The 1910’s because it’s the stage for an upcoming century. Historically, humanity loses its mind in this decade and I’m in it for the wild ride.

What is your favorite smell that other people would find weird?

The backs of other people’s heads.

What would be your ideal date with your significant other?

We satisfy each other’s thoughts, make perfect jokes and accurately read each other’s palms for our future together. She says “bless you” seconds before I sneeze, and I change a light bulb in her house seconds before it goes out. Later that night, she tells me she’s extremely pregnant. And I AM the father.

Would you rather spend your leisure money on experiences or tangible things?

A long weekend in Las Vegas perfectly answers both parts of that question at the exact same time.

Have you ever traveled abroad?

I’ve been to Canada to watch a lot of water fall and to Australia to learn how to boomerang the didgeridoo.

What movie can you watch over and over without getting tired of?

Aside from the 1987 film of me realizing that I am no longer in the womb, I’d say Steven Spielberg’s 1975 thriller: “Jaws”

Do you prefer cooking at home or eating out?

At the end of the day it all comes down to the weather (for grilling), my bank account and how tired I am. If all these things are on the up and up I’m cooking. If these things aren’t, I’m ordering Chinese or Mexican food.

What would your ideal day/night consist of?

I wake up to the smell of socks and the sound of old people snoring. I eat some tan colored mush and because I’ve been secretly saving up for my weekly treat at the candy shop, I reserve the best part of my stomach for the delicious reward that I’ve been working so hard for. Now heading to the candy shop, I run as fast as I can past families of dying dogs to finally spend all of my money on a heavenly chocolate bar. Therein my purchase, I find a golden ticket. My name is Charlie Bucket…and I’m about to have a super, super day ahead of me.


Do you prefer dogs or cats?

One eats their own poo, and the other hides it from you – I don’t trust either one of them. However, a good dog will be there to get you through the worst of days; a good cat will be there to get you through the worst of nights. So, I guess, equally both.

What is your favorite candle scent?

Moonlight whispers of a pregnant felon

What is the strangest thing that can be found in your toolbox?

A picture of me standing in front of my toolbox, looking at a picture of me holding a picture of me, standing in front of my toolbox, holding a picture of me, and looking at a picture of me standing in front of a toolbox, looking at a picture of me, holding a picture of me, looking into a toolbox and holding a picture of me.


What inspires you?

People like Howie Mandel who clearly hear the world saying to them: “Quit what you’re doing! You are not the man for the job! Why are you still on television? You were funnier with a jerry curl!” and yet, he still keeps doing it. Just so I’m clear: I’m not inspired by Howie Mandel specifically, he was just an example, but people LIKE him. Why? Because people like that have a pair of steel. Furthermore, nature. Because it’s pleasant.