Casey Henshaw

NS4L Showroom Assistant (Believe Us, She's Smiling)

Intro by Collin…
I have always done one important thing when it comes to entrepreneurship and that is to TRUST MY GUT!  In 2014, Andrea really helped ease the hiring process for me by scheduling interviews with qualified candidates.  This was the case with Casey Henshaw.  Andrea had scheduled for her and I to interview Casey and as soon as Casey walked through the door with her super outgoing personality and bright orangish-red hair, I knew that she would be a perfect fit for our team.   Casey nailed the interview and as soon as Casey walked out the door, I handed the interview question sheet to Andrea, smiled, and said “Yep!”  Casey was a shoe-in!
Get to know Casey…

How long have you worked at NS4L? [as of June 16, 2014]

I’m the new girl!  I’ve worked here for about 3 weeks, so I’m beginning to get the hang of things!

In your words, what do you do here?

I am a front of house showroom assistant, so I would say that I sell scooters, answer phones and questions, help make the FOH [Front of House] look spiffy, and party it up with my fellow front of house rockstars!

How did you get suckered into working here?

Like most students at UF (GO GATORS!), I see the NS4L logo EVERYWHERE on campus.  So when Collin came in and spoke in the Entrepreneurship course I was taking at the time, I definitely recognized the name and logo.  After hearing him speak about the company, it’s culture, and the Ultimate Customer Experience, I knew that NS4L would be an awesome place to work.

Fast-forward a few months to when I was driving a friend home from Riverview.  He just HAPPENED to know Collin and also just HAPPENED to know that NS4L was looking to hire some people for the FOH [Front of House].  Naturally, that evening I emailed Andrea to apply.  Even from the application, I knew I wanted to work here.  You could call me officially suckered in from that point.

What is your favorite NS4L memory?

Well, I haven’t been here long, so I’d have to say my first day.  I was nervous for my first day at a new job, especially at one with such a strong, distinct culture.  The team was awesome!  They made me feel super welcome and even surprised me with signed balloons and an awesome swag bag!

How would you describe NS4L’s culture?

Hmmmmm… Is that even possible?  I’d have to say fun and definitely unique.  I love the idea of being able to get things done in an efficient and professional way, but still being able to enjoy your time with your work fam!

If you could live in any decade which would it be?

I’d have to say the 1960’s – the music, the style, and the passion for change are all things I enjoy being a part of, even today.

What’s your favorite quote?

“So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”

If you had to eat the same food every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Roasted Brussel Sprouts.

What is your favorite smell that other people would find weird?

I love the smell of rain.

What would be the ideal date with your significant other?

Dinner at home, Frankie Valli on the record player, and a movie. If it’s a little bit chilly outside, maybe hot tea by the fire to end the night. If we go out, a concert or a play, then dinner and a drink or two. Then, hot tea by the fire to end the night.

Would you rather spend your leisure money on experiences or tangible things?

Experiences. I like having nice things at home and enjoy spending time there, but I would trade it all to travel the world with my favorite people.

Have you ever traveled abroad?

I travel a lot! I have been to Canada, Taiwan, and Curacao, plus Mexico, the Bahamas, and Italy twice each. This year I’ll be headed to the Bahamas and Italy again, as well as the UK and India.

Do you prefer cooking at home or eating out?

When I’m in Gainesville, I prefer cooking at home with whole foods and real ingredients. If we’re traveling, I love to eat out and try as many amazing vegan foods as I can.

What is your worst habit?

I have a lot, but the worst is probably saying “I’m sorry” unnecessarily.

What is your favorite candle scent?

Right now, it’s a tie between one called Champagne Toast and one called Hot Cocoa. I generally just choose a few that go with the current season and try to make them complement each other.

What is your favorite NS4L Core Value?

Core Value #4: Embrace and Shape Change!  I’m all about being creative and innovative in everything from every day mundane tasks to large, goal-oriented ones.

If you could be a part of a scooter sandwich (3 people on 1 scoot, which is obviously not recommended), would you be in the front, middle, or back?

I would probably be person #4 telling said scooter sandwich that it was a bad idea, BUT if I were a part of it, I’d be in the middle so I wouldn’t fall off!

What’s your favorite movie?

This is an impossible question.  There are so many options!  Thor, LOTR, Harry Potter, Across the Universe, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Mortified Nation… The list goes on and on and becomes increasingly random.