Austin Allbritton

NS4L Videographer

Intro by Collin…
“Collin, I need to get my scooter repaired, but I don’t have any money.  Could I trade some work for the repairs?” This was the moment I found out that Austin, a student that purchased a scooter from us and remained a long time loyal customer, had some video skills.  I told him to come in, make a little promo video for the shop, and we would complete the repair work on his scooter.  He did just that.  See below for the video…
Get to know Austin…

How did you get suckered into working here?

I was a customer of NS4L and victim of Thom’s crude humor before ever having worked here. When I was looking for a job in Gainesville, finding one with an awesome company was of utmost importance. I had already interned at Grooveshark, so I was left with one option 🙂

What is your favorite NS4L memory? Why?

Night 4 Tikes this past year (I was invited to record before actually being a team member). It doesn’t get better than a charity donating toys for sick kids at Shands, an open bar and really bad breakdancing!

How would you describe NS4L’s culture?

We’re all about embracing individuality and having fun. Our pictures with a new scooter customer serves as a daily reminder of that. What other company takes pictures EVERY DAY with embarrassing / crazy poses? No one tells us to get weird. We just do.

What is your favorite NS4L Core Value?

Embrace and shape change. Being open to change is crucial to business in today’s world, and being the one who disrupts is even better. I believe this applies on an individual level as well. Things are changing at a faster and faster pace every day, change is the only constant you can expect going forward.

What’s your favorite movie?

I’m a Tarantino nut, my favorite is Reservoir Dogs. The film is so brilliantly dark and gritty and devoid of your typical “moral of the story” that it really stuck with me. I think the reason why I like it so much is because of how different it truly is.

If you were going to catfish someone online, how would you describe yourself?

Level 98 Troll Berserker with an Enchanted Obsidian Sword +4 Damage and Expert level culinary skill

If you could be a part of a scooter sandwich (3 people on 1 scoot, which is obviously not recommended), would you be in the front, middle, or back?

I’d be on a Vespa (duh) between Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence.

If you could be on any reality show, which would it be?

Shark Tank! I’ve been through many a venture pitch in my lifetime and would love to pitch a really cool product to those guys (and girl). I’d invite Mark out for a beer.