Let us earn your business. These are the reasons we've earned others...

Why Choose NS4L?

At the end of the day, there are several different places you could choose to buy a scooter from. We will help you find the best scooter that is the right fit for you, even if it isn’t from our dealership. We strive to SIQ Awesomeness (pronounced SEEK –> SIQ stands for Service, Integrity, and Quality) and once in a while, that may be referring you to a different source. All we ask is for the opportunity to earn your business and show you the incredible selection of options we offer at NS4L. Not only will my story resonate with so many of you that struggle with buses and campus parking, but I believe our company’s fun and vibrant culture will as well. I’ve challenged the status quo in my effort to make Gainesville, FL the Scooter Capital of the World. Watch our journey, join Gainesville’s scooter culture, and let me introduce you to the greatest collection of people (my amazing team) that I get to work with daily. You won’t be disappointed.

The Value Adds

By purchasing an NS4L scooter, you are getting a lot more than just ‘a scooter,’ you also receive:

  • Discounted Labor Rate
    • We will service scooters from other dealerships, but we reward our customers and their loyalty with an exclusive labor rate.
  • Free Rental During Warranty Work
    • Though the circumstances are rare, if your scooter came in for warranty work and we had to order parts or put you in a situation where you would be without your scooter for a short-period of time, we will provide you with a rental 100% free of charge.
  • Free Pick-Up and Delivery (in Gainesville) for Repair Work
    • Get a flat-tire and need to be towed in? No problem. This is included with every NS4L scooter. Want it delivered back upon completion, just ask.

In addition…

  • These Value Adds stay with your scooter as long as you have the NS4L Logo on the side. This means that when you finish with school and get ready to sell your scooter to someone else, you get to pass these benefits on to that individual all because it is an NS4L scooter! That is extra value for you and for the person that buys from you.

Our goal in providing all of this extra value in an NS4L scooter is to really develop our SCOOTER FAMILY. Our Core Value #9 is to Create a Lifestyle. This is way more than just ‘a scooter,’ this is an entire way of life in Gainesville. Welcome to UF. Welcome To Santa Fe College. Welcome to Gainesville. Welcome to NS4L.