Service Scooter. Earn Tickets. Get Prizes.

Just another great reason to own an NS4L Scooter! 🙂


THE PRIZE WALL:  Welcome to OUR version of Customer Rewards.  Spend money on service… collect tickets… spend them on Arcade Wall Prizes! #BOOM

As you come in for scooter service, you will earn tickets!  Feel free to redeem tickets for prizes at any time or save them to earn something BIG from our new PRIZE WALL!

Get To Know Our Wall:

  • Tickets are issued for scooter service only.
  • 1 Ticket issued for every $10 spent (rounded up or down to the nearest 10).
  • Tickets are not issued for separate parts sales, storage, or rentals unless exceptions are made for special promotions.
  • Tickets are issued at the time service is invoiced and payment is received in full.
  • If you have a warranty service, not only do you pay $0, but you receive 5 tickets!
  • Tickets CAN be redeemed toward scooter service at a rate of 1 ticket = $1.
    Ex: Oil Change is $30 = 30 tickets.

Enjoy your prize(s) and give us feedback on other prizes YOU would like to see on the wall!  It’s going to keep getting better and better! 🙂