NS4L’s Thanksgiving Donation Drive

NS4L’s core value #11 Serve a Higher Purpose. This core value reminds us we are more than a business, we are a living part of the Gainesville community and we are a tool to help those who cannot help themselves. This year, we want to give back to the community that built us up and help families through the difficult times they are going through.

We are very excited to have teamed up with Family Promise of Gainesville, an amazing nonprofit organization focused on helping homeless children and their families. We hope our customers and other local organizations will join us in our efforts to offer resources to these families in Gainesville.

Family Promise of Gainesville is a non-profit organization that mobilizes community resources and local congregations to provide compassionate care, shelter, meals and social services for homeless children and their families.

Family Promise unites and coordinates the collaborative efforts of volunteers from all faiths to shelter and feed homeless families. Families are housed in area houses of worship, where congregation members provide meals, transportation, and companionship for the guest families.

Why donate to Family Promise shelter?

  • Cost effective: $3 in-kind is raised for every $1 of direct donations
  • Successful: In the last three years, an average of 91% of all Gainesville guests left with increased income, or stable housing, or both. Success means these families stay stably housed for at least one year after graduation.
  • Community-centered: Providing over 10,000 meals and over 4,000 shelter nights in Gainesville each year.

For our Donation Drive, we will be collecting donations for Family Promise’s Day Center, as well as the families they support.  The Drive starts Wednesday, November 1st, and will run through Tuesday, November 2oth.


  • Walmart, Publix, and Gas station gift cards – We will collect gift cards of $10, $20, and $25 — HERE’S WHY. So often the families have had their dignity stripped when they lose everything to eviction because of circumstances like illness, pregnancy, and domestic violence. Although they are EXTREMELY grateful for items donated, the ability to go into a store and pick out something in their own size, or food they enjoy, or to finally be able to pay for gas for their car (if they have one), is HUGE for their self esteem and ability to begin healing from the trauma of homelessness. We know people this time of year want to give something tangible, but this is truly one of the best things they can give families, dignity and independence.


  • Day Center Toiletries – toilet paper, laundry detergent, towels soap, dish soap, Clorox wipes, air freshener, shampoo/conditioner, ethnic shampoo/conditioner, ethnic hair care items (combs, hair gel, hair oil, small rubber bands), body wash, and bar soap. For children/babies: diapers (size 3 +), soaps, and shampoos/conditioners. These items are distributed to the families when they come into shelter and even a bit afterwards while they work diligently on becoming stably housed and independent.


  • Organizational Totes for the Day Center Storage – For all the above items that are donated, we will be needing organizational totes of various sizes, to organize donations by item. This will allow families to easily pick what they need, verses digging through bags and boxes of various donations.


DROP OFF your donations at our dealership, which is located at 633 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32601.

Customers giving donations will receive ONE ticket to redeem at our PRIZE WALL!

FIVE additional tickets when you post a picture with our “I JUST SERVED A HIGHER PURPOSE” sign, tag @NS4L and @GNVfamilypromise, and share it on Facebook and Instagram with #serveahigherpurpose.