Vespa Financing Deal Information

Sheffied Financial is offering an AMAZING financing deal on all 2016 models of Vespa: 0% on 36 months financing in honor of Vespa’s 70th Anniversary! No down payment necessary!

NS4L Scooter Financing Sheffield

How to apply:

  1. Choose your desired model and get an exact quote from either talking to your friendly neighborhood NS4L Sales Rockstar or by emailing mike@ns4l.com.
  2. Click the link attached to the photo above to access the application.
  3. Select either Individual or Joint Applicant.
  4. Enter the amount quoted to you from step 1 in the “Amount Requested” box.
  5. For Manufacturer, select “Vespa”, and select “Vespa Scooter” as Product Type.
  6. Fill out the rest for personal information, submit it, and if approved bring it to us and walk away with a brand-new Vespa scooter!!

But first thing’s first…
Come find us!!

Your one-stop, scooter sales, repair, and rental shop:
New Scooters 4 Less (aka NS4L)
Vespa Gainesville / Genuine of Gainesville
633 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 336-1271

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