Getting you, and your BRAND NEW scooter, in and out of the shop in a quick and efficient way!


At NS4L our #1 Core Value is to Create and Recreate the ULTIMATE Customer Experience (UCE) and we do that by giving back to our customers. We noticed that during our busy and HECTIC back-to-school season, the process of buying a new scooter could take a lot of time with all the excitement in the air. Our Haul Ass Pass process is the solution! This process gives our customers their time back by turning a typical 2-hour new scooter purchase process into a 10-minute or less visit!

Anyone is eligible for this process and while it is popular during our August back-to-school rush, it is offered year-round! Our C.O.E., Mike and Sales Manager, Hannah share some more insight into what our Haul Ass Pass Process is like and how it works:


– It’s a QUICK process! Our HAP Process turns a 2+ hour August visit into ten minute or less visit!
– Your scooter is already prepped and ready for pick up.
– Forms are already pre-filled out when you come in – all we need is your signature!



STEP 1: Pick Out Your Dream Scoot!

  • Choosing your scooter model and color needs to be decided before anything else, so whether you come into the store or need help via email, or over the phone, we’ve got you covered and can answer any of our scooter research questions!
    • We know there’s a lot of potential scoots in our shop to choose from, but our SUPER STELLAR sales team can help!

STEP 2: Reserve Your Scoot & Lock It Down!

  • Once you’ve decided on your scooter model and color, the next step is to place your deposit. This can be done online, over the phone, or in-store, but a deposit MUST BE paid in full for this process.

STEP 3: Your Information

  • We know all about scoots, now we need to know more about you! We’ll send you a copy of our digital Customer Info Google Sheet to fill out before coming in.
    • We’ll also need a Driver’s License copy of the whoever the scooter is being registered to!

STEP 4: Set A Date.

  • In order for us to have your scooter ready, prepped, and squeaky clean, we need to know when you’re coming in to pick it up! We’ll need a pick-up date AND time to prepare your new scoot for its big day!

STEP 5: Sign & Drive!

  • You made it into our shop (woot-woot)! Now it’s time to fill out your paperwork, grab your helmets + accessories, and (after a safety checklist) you get to drive off into the sunset with your new scooter!

If you are currently in the process of looking for a new scooter for yourself or someone you know, check out our HAP Process! For any additional questions, please give us a call (352) 336 – 1271 or send us an email at sales@ns4l.com – we’re here to help!