NS4L is a huge fan of supporting and offering exposure to local video and music talent. If you are a band and would like to submit music for a chance to be featured in the vlog, then please contact us. If you are a videographer and have awesome b-roll of UF, scooters, etc. / drone footage, etc. that you think would be a great fit for our vlog, then please show us. Please email Austin Allbritton. Thank you!

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These are the last 5 episodes, but for more, visit the NS4L.TV playlist on YouTube!

This is the FIRST episode that kicked off this madness:

I’m not kidding when I say I want to make Gainesville the Scooter Capital of the World. When someone in the world thinks “scooter,” I want Gainesville, FL to come to their mind.  I want UF to come to their mind.  I want NS4L to come to their mind.  What better way to share that journey with you guys, our scooter family, than by documenting the entire process. I learned a lot after recording the first 13 vlogs and after the first 20 I realized that it wouldn’t only share our journey, but would:

  • Hold me accountable and make me a better leader.
  • Hold the team accountable to being the industry leader.
  • Hold the team accountable to our goals and push us beyond our limits (it would suck to fail).
  • Share new perspectives and allow customers (and even team members) to see everything that goes on (even the not-so-fun stuff).
  • Help us recruit the best talent in the industry.
  • Help new team members get engulfed into our culture faster.
  • Teach others about entrepreneurship and all the ups-and-downs that go along with it.

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