2022 Genuine Buddy 50 International Scooter ITALIA SPECIAL with Accessories!

Price: $3999

This scooter is a special make. 2022 Model! Comes as shown! Price includes all freight, taxes, title, registration, accessories, and more!

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NS4L has the best dealer warranties in the industry!  Buy me with a 4 Year Parts and Labor Warranty through NS4L for only $400 more! Say What?! #4yearwarranty #BOOM

We know we are weird…  Just go with it… please read in a British accent, lol!

“Ello Mate! Relaxing in the shop with my fellow brethren is much enjoyable, however, I’d love to go for a ride wit you! This is my last stop on my international adventure, and I am looking for someone spectacular to spend it with! Cheerio!” 

As Collin would quote from the Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, “You sound like you’re from London!”  (In his best English accent possible).

You wanted to see Genuine Scooters at New Scooters 4 Less, so we worked hard to make that happen!  It’s hard to get more European than the Buddy Italia or Buddy Pamplona.  Stylish and romantic, the Buddy Italia would be home circling the coliseum or running errands in Milano!  Tapas, sangria, or a little bullfight, perhaps? The bullish little Pamplona suggests that every day is a FIESTA! Great colors and plenty of Latin flavor make this a favorite for both men and women! Dare to take this Buddy by the horns!


Did you know?

With the purchase of an NS4L scooter, you get this additional value:

1.  Free pick-up / delivery for Gainesville residents.  

Oh no! Did you get a flat tire? Is your scooter not running? No worries! In the event your scooter is not drivable (not applicable for standard maintenance like oil changes), just call us and we will come out to your Gainesville residence and pick-up your scooter for FREE. This is included with the purchase price of the scooter and is applicable for as long as you own your scooter!

2.  Complimentary Rental During Warranty

Is your scooter in for a warranty repair? In the event that a warranty repair will take longer than a couple of days (because we have to wait on parts, etc.), we will offer you a complimentary rental scooter. If you purchase an extended warranty, this value-add is extended as well!  [Please note that complimentary rental depends on availability of rental scooters at time needed.]

No fine print here…  It’s quite simple you guys…

The Genuine Buddy 50 International Scooter comes with a 2 year warranty.  All components of the scooter are warranted to be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship for 2 years, without mileage restriction! #SUPERBOOM  You can extend to get a 4 year parts and labor warranty that covers all defects through New Scooters 4 Less for only $400!

If you take care of your scooter, we will take care of you.  Yes…  unfortunately, scooters are not magical machines that don’t require maintenance (yet!).  You have to bring the scooter in for maintenance according to its maintenance schedule.  Failure to do so will void the warranty.  We won’t be able to cover any damage caused by you dropping the scooter or running over a nail and getting a flat tire.  Damage caused by you will have to be repaired at your expense.  Remember, many gas pumps look alike,  so don’t put diesel fuel in your scooter!  [Yes!  It happens!]  This would be considered damage by you and would not be covered under warranty.  Did a tree just fall on your scooter?  We are so sorry.  That really [REALLY] bites.  We can’t control nature so that would not be covered under warranty.  [Yes!  This has happened too!]  If a tree does crush your scooter, PLEASE take a photo of it and send it to us, because that is something CrAzY and we would want to see it!  Then come on in to the shop and we will help you create a [Insert Your Name Here]’s Scooter Crushed By Tree Fund and try to help you raise money for another scooter (because that is what family is for).

As Genuine Scooter Company likes to say…  In other words, if you break your scooter by riding it into a tree, forgetting to add 2-stroke oil, attempting to replace the stock piston with a piston from a 1979 Harley Sportster, “seeing what it will do” on a motocross track, wiring a 1,000 watt stereo into the electrical system, or riding wide open throttle to California with a passenger and 90 pounds of gear, that’s not nice and therefore that’s not covered.

So let’s summarize this warranty stuff EVEN MORE [NS4L Core Value #7:  Communicate Clearly – so we will do just that]… If it is something that is defective from the manufacturer, we will replace the part(s) for free and get you fixed up again.  The labor to complete the repair will be covered under warranty as well.

In short…
Manufacturer’s Defects = NS4L Covers
Your Fault/Negligence/Out Of Our Control = You Cover

We feel like it is pretty obvious what kinds of things would and would not be covered under warranty, but if you have any question as to whether something would be, should be, ‘oh please please please let this be’ covered under warranty, just pick up the phone and give us a call!

500 Miles Time for Your First Full Service. Replace All Manufacturer's Break-In Fluids.
1500 Miles and Every 1,000 Miles After We love scooters and have been in the business a long time. We have found that replacing the scooter's gear oil every 1,000 miles ensures the best performance.
Once a Year or Every 1,800 Miles Replace Spark Plug. Replace Air Filter. Inspect Brakes and Add Brake Fluid if Necessary. Inspect Tires, Cables, and Other Vital Components. Replace as Necessary.
Whenever Oil Light Comes On Add 2-Stroke Oil (Available at NS4L and We Will Install for Free).
Class Sport Retro Scooter (Is that a thing?)
Make Genuine Scooter Company
Model Buddy 50 International
Engine 2-Stroke 49CC
Cooling System Air Cooled
Transmission CVT (Twist N Go)
Ignition CDI
Fuel Capacity 1.2 Gallons
Top Speed 35+ MPH
MPG 100+
Front Brakes Disc
Rear Brakes Drum
Front Tire 90 / 90 - 10
Rear Tire 90 / 90 - 10
Weight Capacity 320 lbs
Net Weight 198 lbs
Length 67"
Width 25"
Height 44"
Seat Height 29.7"
Warranty 2 Year Unlimited, 2 Year Roadside Assistance
Starter Electric, Kick
Storage Deep Under Seat, Optional Rear Storage Trunk
Other Awesome Features Cell Phone Charger Jack, Italia and Pamplona Colors