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Gainesville Scooter Rentals at New Scooters 4 Less

Why Rent?

1.  You aren’t 100% sure if a scooter is right for you, but you really want to find out!
2.  Your current vehicle is in for service and it is way cheaper than renting a car.
3.  You only need a scooter for one semester so it doesn’t make much sense to purchase one.
4.  You have friends or family in town for the week and you want something fun to do.
5.  You don’t have to worry about registration costs, wear and tear repairs (you are only responsible for damage YOU cause), and we offer free pick-ups in the event of a flat tire or breakdown.
6.  This reason is here because the first five weren’t good enough.  You don’t need a reason!  It’s fun!


Other Info

No Security Deposit Required.  

Damages:  Customer is completely responsible for any damages to the rental unit(s) rented.

No part of the rental will be pro-rated in the event you decide to return the rental early.

What’s included?

The rental scooter (ready with plate and registration), helmet, and lock.  All maintenance is included as well (Never pay for a service!  You are only required to bring it in according to the scooter’s maintenance schedule, but there is no charge for the service).  Free pick-ups/service calls are included should you break down or get a flat tire.  We will simply come pick up the scooter and get it back to the shop.


You must have a valid credit card to keep on file and the driver must be 18 years old or older with a valid driver’s license.  (Motorcycle license is NOT required).


Yes!  You can book right here, online!  🙂

What people always ask us!  (FAQs)

1.  How old do I have to be to rent a scooter?
– 18 years old or older.

2.  What size scooters do you rent?
– We currently only rent 49cc scooters.

3.  How fast do the scooters go?
– 35 to 40 mph on average.  Perfect for getting around Gainesville.

4.  We want to rent a couple and take them to the beach in our pick-up truck, is that cool?
– Sorry.  The scooters are not allowed to leave Gainesville.

5.  I know you include a helmet, but am I required to wear it?
– If you are under 21 years of age, Florida law requires you to wear a helmet.  If you are over 21, you are not required to wear a helmet, but must provide $10,000 of PIP (personal injury protection) insurance.

6.  Can I choose my scooter type and color?
– We currently rent 2 models.  The Genuine Buddy 50 in blue, which is considered an upgraded model for $25 and the the Wolf RX50 in white.  You can select your preference when you book online.

7.  I have never driven a scooter before, is that ok?
– Yep!  If you have ridden a bicycle, then you should be able to handle a scooter.  A lot of our customers are first time riders.  We will show you how the scooter works, give you a brief lesson and make sure you feel 100% comfortable before you drive away.  (Please note that your safety and the safety of others is our top priority and if for ANY REASON one of our team members feels you are incapable of operating a scooter, he/she can inform you that we are not renting to you and refund your money.  Scooter renting is for most people, but not all.)

8.  Do you require a security deposit?
– No, but when you book online, your credit card information is securely held.  In the event you return the vehicle damaged, you are responsible for the damages to the vehicle and will be charged at that time.

9.  How long can I rent for?
– You can rent for as long as you like, but the longest ‘contract’ is one month.  At the end of one month, the vehicle must come back in for inspection and service.

10.  I am going to use the rental for school; does the rental include a parking pass for campus?
– Nope.  Sorry.  (They won’t let us or we would!)  You are responsible for obtaining a parking pass for your rental scooter and you can do so by visiting the University of Florida Transportation and Parking Services.

11.  Can I ride with a passenger on the scooter?
– Sure.  Just make sure the individual is over 18 year old and that you are following the applicable laws.  There is no additional charge for a passenger.  We are also happy to give you a second helmet to keep them safe too!

12.  My roommate and I would like to share a rental scooter; can we have 2 driver’s listed for one rental?
– Yep!  An extra driver on any rental contract is only $50 for one week or less and $100 on a 30 day contract.

13.  What if I return my rental early, is the charge pro-rated?
– You may return the rental anytime before your due date (Why?  WHY would you do this? haha!), but we do not prorate any rental agreement.

14.  Can I return the rental when you are closed?
– Yep!  Just contact us first and let us know and we will tell you where to park the scooter and we will give you instructions on what to do with the key.

15.  I am considering purchasing a scooter but wanted to try one first, do you offer any discounts for this type of thing?
– Yes we do!  Come in and rent and we will give you 50% of the base rental amount [excluding extra driver fee and taxes] of your rental towards the purchase of a NS4L motor scooter!  (Please note that there is a 1 month limitation)

16.  Do I need to make a reservation?
– Yes.  We prefer that you do to ensure a rental is available for you.

17.  Do you provide insurance?
– We don’t provide any type of insurance.  If you would like insurance, please feel free to purchase your own.

18.  What do I do if I am in an accident?
– Even though accidents are rare, they can happen.  Should an accident occur and there are injuries, immediately call 911.  Call us (if we are closed, please be sure to leave us a message with all your contact information).  If we are open, we will make arrangements to get to you and the vehicle as soon as possible to assist and tow the vehicle to the shop.  Even if the accident is minor, DO NOT ride the vehicle.  We will want to inspect the scooter to ensure that it is safe to drive.  Call the police in any accident – a police report will need to be written.  Make sure the officer helps with the exchange of driver’s information.  We will need the person’s name, license number, address, insurance policy holder, policy number, and other related information.